PA Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (HICPA)


The Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act ("HICPA") was adopted by Pennsylvania's General Assembly in October, 2008, and signed by the Governor as Act 132 of 2008. The law establishes a mandatory registration program for contractors who offer or perform home improvements in Pennsylvania. The statute also establishes minimum insurance requirements for contractors; requires contractors to provide their registration number in their ads and contracts; establishes required contract terms for home improvement contracts; prohibits unfair business practices; and creates a criminal penalty for home improvement fraud. Doug Robertson Enterprises has signed up with the Pennsylvania Attorney General and has acquired the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General Home Improvement Contractor (PAOAGHIC) license number PA002819.

What does this mean to us?

In July 2009 the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act went into effect, and this law has essentially made Time and Materials work illegal in Pennsylvania for most residential work. Every home improvement project valued at over $500 must be contracted in writing.

The HICPA places specific requirements on home improvement contracts. The contract must meet all of the following criteria. If a contract does not meet these criteria it is void, invalid, and unenforceable.

HICPA Contract Criteria

demands that the contract:

From now on we will be writing contracts for any residential work over $500. Please do not feel insulted when we write up one of these contracts, we would prefer to do business with a handshake and a smile. But it is the law and we will comply.

Please visit the PA Attorney General's office to learn more.

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