- No, we are not cheap. If you need cheap you won't find it here. We only dig quality holes. We'll be the first to admit that it is hard to sell a good hole, especially as it usually gets buried by the end of the job. Yet we insist on quality work, and our long time customers understand this. Good excavation costs a lot of money; bad excavation can cost you a whole lot more.

No Job Too Big or Too Small?
- No, of course that's not true. There are plenty of jobs out there that are too big for us. And some that might be too small. But give us a call, we'll let you know right away if the shoe fits.

- Sure, we love to sub. If you need help getting the job done, give us a call.  We take pride in making you look good, to your accountant as well as your customer.


Terms for residential customers:

Choice of Equipment

Choice of equipment used is always ours.  Your consultation and opinion is always welcome, but in the end we will decide what equipment and manpower we use for the job.

Standard Clauses and Fine Print

Our customers will often find one or more the following at the bottom of their estimates. Essentially we are saying that anything that impedes our progress is going to be reflected in the final billing of the job.  No big surprise really, but it is important.  If your estimate says that standard clauses apply these here would be they:

Time and Materials Clause:

Please note: Except when required by law Doug Robertson Enterprises works on a time and materials basis and any job undertaken is done so only with this understanding. This estimate represents neither a bid nor a quote, but rather our best estimate of what this job will cost based on the information given and our site visit.

Escalations and Additions Clause:

Items which could substantially change the scope of this job include (but are not limited to): Township/City requirements, Utility service requirements, hidden rock formations below grade, unmarked private utilities or structures and changes in the nature or scope of the job as requested by the owner or other party.

Rock Clause:

Estimate based on normal digging conditions as seen at site. If conditions become materially different (examples: voids, rock, blue shale, rock shelf, buried rock stock pile) and such differences persist the terms of the job will discussed between principle parties before halting or proceeding on a time and materials basis.

Permits Clause:

Any and All permits, fees, application, plans and/or allowances are the owner's responsibility.


Sometimes work items are excluded from the job price. This usually at the request of the project owner, but sometimes based on other factors. 

2017 Residential Price List

These are our normal prices from which we base our estimates and invoices. Hourly rates are billed in quarter-hour increments, with a one hour minimum.

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